Triptych – Part 2 – A single image

In this blog post, I will explore two methods of creating a triptych from a single photo. First we’ll look at my preferred method, presented by Gavin Hoey (1.), and then we’ll look at the method presented by d weibe (2.). After you watch the videos, you can decide which method would work best for you. Good luck and have fun!

1. How to create a triptych from one photo, with Gavin Hoey, on YouTube.

My examples of the Gavin Hoey method:



Part 1 of this blog post featured a YouTube video by d weibe.

2. Here is a link to video demo of creating a triptych from a single photography,
by d weibe.

My example of the d weibe method:


Personally, I prefer the Gavin Hoey method, but you decide which works best for you.



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