Creating the Galaxy (fun) Challenge

The objective of the challenge is to create an image similar to the one shown below:


How? Blue Lightning TV provides a number of video tutorials on creating images of outerspace. This is one of them. It’s easy to follow, starts with the creation of a new blank Photoshop document, and proceeds step-by-step. Here’s the link to the YouTube instruction video. Here’s the link to the Rock Texture file.

In this tutorial, you will learn a few Photoshop techniques, including how to:

  • duplicate a layer with Cmd-J (mac)
  • instantly fill a selection or layer with the foreground colour using Opt-delete (mac)
  • instantly fill a selection or layer with the background colour using
  • use a filter to add a gaussian blur or noise to a layer
  • use a filter to render clouds or a lens flare
  • change the black and grey-level input levels
  • change the layer style to add inner and outer glow
  • change blend modes for layers and layer styles
  • apply a layer mask and unlock it from the layer in order to move them independently
  • merge a copy of all visible layers into a new layer with Cmd+Shift+Alt+E

I have subscribed to Blue Lightning TV’s YouTube Channel because they have such intriguing video tutorials.

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